The Nationals kick off!

Racing got underway straight off the boat today with strong 25 knots billowing over Green Island today. The Slalom competitors were first to start completing a full elimination with Sean O’Brien (Starboard/Severne) taking the bullet ahead of Rohen Law (Starboard/Severne) and Luke Baillie (Starboard/Severne). First in the ladies was Olympian Jessica Crisp (Patrik/Hot Sails Maui) who finished 7th and was the only lady in the winner’s final.

Whilst the slalom was on the freestylers took advantage of the strong winds running through their elimination which was taken out by Al Bentley ahead of Max Ploummis. Late in the afternoon the first Freerace session was completed with sailors taking advantage of the speedbanks along the reef on the lowering tide. The Freerace results will be collated overnight and posted tomorrow.

Enjoy some photos from Billy Craig.

2014 Australian SLALOM Championships Results (Elimination 1) Photo Galleries

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