Our Hotshot Ladies

Never ones to shy away from strong winds or radical conditions, we had some hotshot ladies competing in Slalom and Freerace this year who competed alongside the men and put many of them to shame! Jessica Crisp, of Australian windsurfing royalty; multi-Olympian and former 2x PWA Wave World Champion, contested the slalom and was able to do plenty of damage, making almost all of the winner’s finals before a crash put her out of the last day with a back injury. Jessica finished 11th overall in the slalom fleet (do we see a return to PWA slalom for Jessica this year?).

Jessica said about the racing:

“I haven’t done slalom for 15 years and I remember it being really intense and FULL SPEED. And doing slalom again this week it was really intense and FULL SPEED! It hasn’t changed one bit. Haha. It was great to be back racing”.

Jessica also competed in the Freerace but was outshone by QLD’er KA72 Kellie Tusler, who finished 5th outright among the men (!!) with consistent results in all 5 of the Freerace sessions. Kellie and Jessica, 1st and 2nd respectively in the Ladies Freerace, on their pink trimmed Hot Sails Maui kit were neck and neck on the windiest of the days on Tuesday competing in conditions over 35 knots and both finished the day within 0.14 knots of each other’s speeds.
GI 2014 ladies
Defending AUS Ladies Champion Karen Robertson, from Tasmania, made up the trio for the ladies fleet and was fully set to competitively participate in both Slalom and Freerace, however was forced out of the event after the first day after stepping on some viciously sharp urchin which punctured right through her bootie and into the ball of her foot. Sadly this required medical intervention, and in the end an overnight stay and general anesthetic operation at Cairns base hospital, so Kazza was confined to tourist mode for the balance of the 2014 event. Still motivated to get back and make up for it next year!
Kazza also printed and supplied the very popular 2014 GI event T-shirt – a BIG thanks to her from everyone on that effort!

Enjoy some photos from the week.

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