Nou Sensations…


Fast. Fun. And French.  Welcome our Noumea neighbours.

2016 : a sensational NC Team of no less than 7 Top Noumean riders


Back where it started: 2013 Year#1 of Green Island saw a sensational turn out of talented New Caledonians in action. On – and off – the water.
Lolo, Paul, Seb, Fab and Clem all sparked a great relationship between Australia and New Caledonian slalom communities. This year, 3 of the original “Team-NC” ; NC-57 Clement Bachellereau and NC-177 Fabrice Polizzi  and now joined also by NC-888 Laurent Giovannelli make the welcome return, accompanied by 4 “new” Caledonians.



Watch out for young Nathan Doom FRA-1508, because this quiet guy has really great talent,  super enthusiasm and a windsurfing skillset that belies his relatively young age. Experienced with international racing in France, as well as the hotbed of Noumean competition around Anse Vata, Nathan is a great example of the New Caledonian waterman culture and lifestyle so well supported by the community, association and education infrastructure on their side of the Coral Sea. Not only is this guy fast, he knows how to twist. Aussies beware.

As a last minute addition to the NC delegation,  Nathan’s sailing team mate Freestyler NC-26 Corto Dumond will also make the journey from Anse Vata to join the crew out on Green for some super Freestyle action.


2014 saw NC-106 Christophe Vignes make his PWA debut in the Airwaves Dream Cup event in Noumea. Very much an acknowledged member of the Anse Vata crew, Christophe is pretty fired up about the Freerace GPS challenge and looking forward to using some long distance skills honed during many of the classic Noumea race series events.



Don’t let appearances fool you. This relaxed looking guy doesn’t take any prisoners on the race course. While new to Green Island, NC-5 Fred Morin is absolutely no stranger to top level PWA racing (his container share buddy at the PWA is none other than A2 himself..).  Conditions at Green Island will suit Fred nicely; a very strong contender in the Slalom events. Fred and the Morin family are also directly responsible for so much of the sensational windsurf imagery (both photo and video) that has emerged from NC over recent years, sharing the natural beauty of Nouvelle Caledonie with the rest of the world.

Thanks and regards to both Patrice Morin and Brittany’s Eric Bellande for these and so many other great pics over the years!

And if you read this far, and think we’re kidding, check out Thomas Morin’s inspirational video , New Caledonia : Paradise.

Yes, you could stay home..

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