2017 Online Registration

It’s GAME ON !! Entry is open and filling fast for the 2017 Green Island Nationals.

The Spirit of the Event

Cairns, Green Island and Far North Queensland enjoy an enviable relaxed lifestyle in an idyllic location. In keeping with the location, and the friendly spirit and camaraderie shared by the local crew and event organizers, the Green Island Nats shall be primarily organized and managed as a fun, participative event for all those who attend. We’ll attend to safety and organization issues exceptionally professionally but insist on the right to deliver the event in a casual, relaxed and enjoyable manner. Entrants agree with keeping it real.

Be cool is the rule. And fun. Karma goes a long way.

Ready ? Please fill out the entry form and select from the below entry options.

A minimum of 3 valid entrants is required to constitute an Australian Championship titled division.

Youth category is under age of 20 as at 24 July, 2017. Grand Master is over 50 years as at 24 July 2017.

AdultMen, Grand Master, WomenIncludes !! Unlimited 7Day Green Island ferry transfer$280
YouthYouthIncludes !! Unlimited 7Day Green Island ferry transfer$220
Island StayYouth, Men, Grand Master, WomenDOES NOT include ferry shuttle$120

The full entry fee includes a 7 Day Green Island Reef Pass ($188 value alone) providing 7 days of ferry shuttle to and from the island as well as barge transfer of  competition equipment to the island on arrival and back to Cairns after the final day of racing. Additional passes are available for purchase by family, friends and casual sailors, and are best booked in advance to ensure capacity on the schedule you need…yes, it has happened.  Please note, for those choosing Green Island Resort island stay throughout the contest, all transfers including equipment is already included in your Green Island Resort accommodation package, and a relaxed event entry fee of $120 is available.

Please note a LATE ENTRY fee of $50 is payable for all entry payments received after 24th July.

If you experience any online entry difficulties…

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– This function should link thru to our PayPal payment screen directly.
– However some user security settings are not compatible & may block the process.
– If the link does not work for you, we still log every “Submit&Pay” registration automatically.
– We have your registration and will hit you up with a separate email later to arrange PayPal.
– Please do not feel the need to thrash yourself with multiple entries.
– Don’t worry, it’s not you – or your board brand – we don’t like.
– We apologise for any technology inconvenience. Cheers!

Secure payment services by PayPal billed in the name of WindsurfingNSW Association.

Entry to event valid only upon confirmed receipt of payment.

Still got questions ???

If you have a genuine or sensible inquiry, we would love to help you. Please check the website – if the question isn’t explained in our detailed website, we will endeavour to answer it promptly and accurately for you by email… (and add the detail to the website / FAQ to help others if general advice).