Day 3 Action

Plenty more action on Day 3 with another 2 eliminations of slalom and a third session of the Freerace. Byron McIlveen still leads the Freerace ahead of Kelly Morgan and Kaleb Smith. The freestylers have finished their 2nd double elimination with defending champion Alistair Bentley taking the first and Max Ploumis the second to tie the lead. In the slalom, Jesper Vesterstroem took a bullet in the final elimination of the afternoon to cement his lead against Jesper Orth and Sean O’Brien with Western Australian riders Rowen Law and Isaac de Vries hot on their tails in 4th and 5th.

2015 Australian SLALOM Championships PROVISIONAL Results (after 3 eliminations)
2015 Australian FREERACE Championships Provisional Results (after 2 rounds)

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