Day 2 Freerace Action

Day 2 saw the Freerace fleet get their second round in with the best of the winds in the morning on the low tide. Byron McIlveen cemented his lead taking 2nd in yesterday’s first session and winning today’s, ahead of local Kelly Morgan and Kaleb Smith from Tasmania. Slalom was able to begin Elimination 2 by 1pm as the tide filled in however some rain squalls caused havoc on the wind for most of the day with the first 4 heats being re-run a number of times before the pin was pulled at 3.30pm. All four first round heats have been run with the second round of heats to begin on Tuesday.

2015 Australian FREERACE Championships Provisional Results (after 2 rounds)

Enjoy some more of the photos from Photographer Billy Craig:

Green Island Nationals Photo Gallery [Facebook]

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