2015. It’s a GO.


You asked for it !

Back by extremely popular demand, AWA and Event Organisers are pretty excited to be able to confirm that Permits are approved and the 2015 Green Island Nats event is set to blast off for another big year.

Featuring the 2015 Australian Championships for Slalom, Freestyle and Freerace, this year’s event is set to build on the excitement, success and sheer enjoyment of the previous 2013 and 2014 events. This year we will introduce a more formalised State vs State championship, with weighted points spread across participation in all 3 disciplines.

For previous competitors and participants in 2013 or 2014 events, you know how it rolls, and this years format will be similar to what you’ve already enjoyed. One noteworthy change for 2015 is that SUNDAY 7 June is the first day of competition and concluding on the THURSDAY 11 June evening. This planning allows to optimise sailing tides (best window of June or July 2015) whilst importantly avoiding an overlap with the huge Cairns IronMan Triathlon event taking place the weekend of 13-14 June.

Accommodation both on Island and in Cairns is quite busy compared to 2013/14. Please be aware and book early.

For new visitors to Green Island Nats, please do take time to browse the updated information available here online at the website.There’s a lot to learn for “first timers” and the inside info provided for you here is absolutely the place to start. Further questions, please ask…

Online entry will be open shortly. We do not anticipate having to limit entries, however please be aware that ultimately our maximum numbers are limited and priority will go to previous participants and/or entrants holding 2015 travel bookings prior to Entry open date..

The Spirit of the Event

Cairns, Green Island and Far North Queensland enjoy an enviable relaxed lifestyle in an idyllic location.
In keeping with the location, and the friendly spirit and camaraderie shared by the local crew and event organizers, the Green Island Nats shall be primarily organized and managed as a fun, participative event for all those who attend. We’ll attend to safety and organization issues exceptionally professionally but insist on the right to deliver the event in a casual, relaxed and enjoyable manner. Entrants agree with keeping it real.

Be cool is the rule. And fun. Karma goes a long way.

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